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Lesson Overview

This lesson describes some additional functions in SAP CRM Service, including Complaints and Returns Management. Lesson Objectives
After completing this lesson, you will be able to:

  • Describe the business process of Complaints and Returns Management and the supporting SAP CRM Service functionality.

Business Example

Complaint and Return Processing

Complaint and Return Processing

Reference document: You can create a complaint/return with or without reference to a CRM document, for example, a sales order, service order, or billing document. You can create a reference to any document that exists in an integrated system – for example, to billing or delivery documents in SAP ERP. The items selected are transferred from the reference document on the basis of certain copying rules defined in the complaint/returns document. You can provide additional information for an existing complaint document by creating a reference to one or more other documents. You can also create a reference at item level.

Reference object: In complaints and returns, you can provide additional information about the product or service that is the object of the complaint by referring to objects at header or item level. You can enter a reference to products, installed bases and their components, or individual objects. Information about the relationship between a product and an installation enables you, for example, to analyze complaints and therefore identify problems relating to the installation in which the product is installed.

Warranty check: An automatic check determines whether there is a warranty for customer-specific objects. The warranty information helps you decide what follow-up measures should be taken. For example, you may want the system to create a returns item automatically if there is a warranty. The warranty check is based either on specified warranty conditions for the individual object/installation components, or on the delivery date entered manually.

Return Material Authorization (RMA): Every returns operation requires an authorization check for the return of a product sold, and a unique RMA number for the return delivery. The authorization check is supported by a warranty check and the reference to an existing CRM sales order. The unique CRM complaint/returns number, which also exists in SAP ERP, supports the RMA number.

In-House Repair

In-House Repair

You create an in-house repair order within complaints processing if a customer wants to send in or bring in a defective product for repair.

You can create in-house repair orders with or without reference to a sales transaction or a service process. If you want to create a transaction with reference to a preceding transaction, call this transaction up and use the Follow-Up button to create an in-house repair order.

You can enter serial numbers for products within the context of complaints, returns, and in-house repair orders. The serial numbers that are entered can be validated.

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