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What is SAP C4C Fine-Tuning?

In advance your project goes live; you need to achieve fine-tuning in your project. This phase arranges all the required configuration events that you need to complete in a logical arrangement.

This permits you to tailor the explanation to your specific needs before going live by checking predefined settings and entering extra settings for your particular scope. You can also add optional configuration activities.

Example − you can uphold total range for different units like product, customer etc. as per your business needs.

Fine-tune and Go Live

Follow the given stages to perform fine-tuning and go live in a new application project.

Step 1

Go to Business configuration -→ Implementation Project.


Step 2

In the new window, choice All Current Projects from the drop down list and click Open Activity List.


This permits you to view all the initial activities you need to carry out to get your business ready to use the solution effectively. The activities in this phase are mostly related to project management and contain reviewing the project plan, confirming that scoping has been completed, and knowledge is moved to the administrators. You can also create your own activities manually and add them to the activity list.

Step 3

Click the Prepare tab. Under the Prepare tab, you can see all the open activities of your current project.


Click Total Activities under the Prepare tab. Here, you will see the total of Open Activities, In progress Activities, and Closed Activities.

Step 4

Click the Fine Tune tab. The Fine Tune phase classifies all the mandatory configuration activities that you need to complete in a logical sequence. Its allows you to tailor the solution to your specific needs before going live by checking the predefined settings and arriving additional settings for your selected scope. You can also add optional configuration activities.


Step 5

Click the Integrate and Extend tab. The Integrate and Extend phase agrees you to transfer your arranged solution to your company to start using it effectively. You do this by integrating with third party applications that already operate in your company and move the basic, master, and business deal data from your legacy system(s) to your new solution. You also decide what form, report, and user interface delays you want to meet your company's specific needs.


Step 6

Click the Test tab. Perform unit, recession, data test, etc. under this tab. In addition, request of Production system (copy of Test should be performed). The Test phase contains activities that tolerate you to describe test scenarios and guides, verify that your core business processes are running as desired, and transfer knowledge to the end-users before your solution goes live.


The Go-Live Phase

The Go Live phase includes the ending activities that you must whole to enable your solution to be used efficiently in your company. Typical activities include preparing and performing cutover, setting up internal support teams, and settling that you are ready to go live.

At the end of this phase, all mandatory and outstanding configuration issues are resolved, legacy data is migrated to the construction system, knowledge transfer is complete, and the project is signed off and closed.

Step 7

Click the Launch/Go-Live tab.


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