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What is SAP C4C Adaptation?

In this stage, we will study Customization, done by C4C administrators in Silverlight UI screen. An administrator can control an end-user to personalize his/her screen and can personalize for all the users. This process is called Adaptation.

Adaptation denotes to a set of tool, the administrators can use to add or adapt fields, change master screen layouts, assign screen layouts to specific roles, control dropdown list values, and change output forms. You can also migrate adaptation variations from one system to another C4C system.

The screen adaptation feature permits changes to the fields and screens that is presented to all users in Cloud for Customer environment. This is a vital feature. In case there is some critical business data that has to be taken, this feature can be used to show on the screens of all the users.

The following stages will guide you through the process of adaptation.

Step 1

To perform Adaption in Silverlight UI, go to Adapt → Company Settings.


Step 2

Click the General tab. You can contain specific users to personalize their screens. To contain, choice checkbox Disable User Personalization Features.


Step 3

Click the tab Theme. You can select the theme from drop down decisions and the theme that you will choice will automatically return in all user summaries in the C4C environment.


Step 4

Click Auto logoff. Under this tab, you can explain the auto log off period from the drop down list when a user is sedentary. For security reasons, users are automatically logged off from the system if they have been lazy in the system for a certain period of time. You can state the extent of the inactive time here.

In case you vacation this option empty, by default, inactive users will be logged off the system after 1 hour.


Step 5

Click the next tab- Client. Choice the favorite client between HTML and Silverlight. You can change the preferred client. The ideal client will be used for all users the next time they log on the system.


Step 6

After all modifications are done, choice from the decisions- Save and Close, Save, Close, and Discard all alterations as presented in the screen shot below −


C4C Adaption – Extension Fields

Extension fields are additional fields that the administrators can add to the explanation in order to meet a specific business necessity. If applicable, these structures add new field to the end of the data migration worksheet.

When you first create an extension field, you navigate to a screen on which you want it to appear and add it to a section of the screen. Each screen section is founded on an underlying business context. The business context normally relates to a part of a business document or other object. For instance, the header data of sales quote. The business context is used to determine which other screens you can add the field to. In addition, it is also used to define the form templates, logical data sources and reports, enterprise search groups, and extension scenarios that the field can be added to.

To add a new field, first you need to navigate to the important screen and enter Adaptation mode via Adapt → Edit Master Layout. The area of the screen is where the new field should be formed, i.e., in the account information area.


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