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How to create a cost center?

Here you will learn about how to create Cost Center.
Step 1 − Use T-code: KS01 to create Cost Center.
Step 2 – Now ,enter the Controlling Area in the next screen and click the tick mark icon.
Step 3 − A new window will open. Enter the following details and click Master Data.
  • New cost center number.
  • Validity dates of the new cost center. You can also create a new cost center with a reference.


Step 4 − Enter the following details in basic data tab once you click master data:−
  • Enter the name of the new cost center
  • Enter a description for the new cost center
  • Enter the User and Person Responsible
  • Cost Center Category
  • Hierarchy area
  • Company Code
  • Profit Center
Step 5 − Next, under the Control tab, select the correct indicators.
Step 6 − Click the save icon at the top.

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