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What are cost center groups?

Each cost center can be divided in to cost center groups. In system, it should have at least one group that contains all cost centers and represents the entire business organization. This cost center group is described as the standard hierarchy. You can assign more cost center groups to the standard hierarchy.
Note – But you can only assign each cost center to one group.

Create Cost Center Group

To create a cost center group −
Step 1 − Navigate to Accounting → Controlling → Cost Center Accounting → Master Data → Cost Element Groups → Create/Change/Display
You can use an existing group as a template when you are creating a new group. The template group can include the same Controlling Area or COA.
Now, enter the name of new group. The highest node contains the group names entered. The existing structure is appended to the highest note. Each and every change to the original automatically will affects the copy.
You can create your groups successively in the group structure display.
Step 2 – You can choose the node that you want to extend the group, and select from Insert at same level or Insert at lower level.
The created groups will successively display in the group structure.
Step 3 − Choose the node from which you want to extend the group. Click insert at same level or Insert at lower level.
Step 4 − Enter the name and description for the new subgroup.
When you select the sub group and click same level, a new subgroup is created as shown below −
This is how you can define cost elements groups and hierarchy in system.
Step 5 −Click the save button at the top to save the hierarchy.

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