Using the Persistent Staging Area (PSA) - SAP BW

PSA stores data in its original source system format. In this way,it gives us a chance to examine the data before we send them into their destination—either characteristics,ODS objects,or InfoCubes.

Work Instructions
Step 1. Reload the data from previous Table. This time,in the InfoPackage created in screen 3.9, under the Processing tab,select the option Only PSA,instead of the default PSA and then into data targets (packet by packet).
Administrator work bench modelling

Step 2. Start the data loading process as shown in Screen 3.71. After the Data was requested message appears at the bottom of the screen,clickdata loading process as shown in Screen 3.22. A green light appears next to the data load request,which indicates that the job was successful.

Next,click data loading processto display the PSA data.
Monitor administrator work bench

Step 3. Click Clickto see records 1 to 1000. BW sets this range by default.
records 1 to 1000

Step 4. Review the 24 records stored in PSA. To modify one of them,you select the record and then clickpen. Notice the zeros in the Sales revenue column; their presence indicates that the transfer rules have not yet been applied to the PSA data.
Mainteinance of PSA data request REQU

Step 5. After checking the data in PSA,now we can send the data to IC_DEMOBC.

In the Administrator Workbench: Modelling window,notice the load request InfoPackage–demo: IC_DEMOBC (25.10.2000) in the right panel. Right-click the request,and then select Start the update immediately.
Administrator Workbench: Modelling

Step 6. In the Administrator Workbench: Modelling window,right-click InfoCube–demo: Basic Cube,and then select Manage.

Under the Requests tab,notice the status of the data loads. The first row shows the status of the data load in Step 5. Click Administrator Workbench: Modellingin the first row,which returns you to BW Monitor. You will see that the load from PSA into IC_DEMOBC was successful.
Manage data targets

You have loaded data into IC_DEMOBC via PSA. Using PSA,you verified that the data were loaded correctly into BW.

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