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Next,let's see how BW Monitor can help us troubleshoot during the ETTL process.

Work Instructions
Step 1. Select InfoCube–demo: Basic Cube,and then clickWork Instructions.
Administrator workbench modelling

Step 2. Leave Selection date blank to list the status of all data loads into this InfoCube. ClickClick to continue.
data selection

Step 3. We see the status of all data loads (12 successful,7 failed),plus date/time information,the number of records selected from the source system,and the number of records coming into the BW system.

Double-click the last failed load operation to get its details.
Monitor Administrator work bench

Step 4. Click error messageto display the error.
Monitor Administrator workbench

Step 5. Review the error message.
error message.

Step 6. Under the Details tab,notice how the data flowed and where the error occurred.
Monitor Administrator workbench

You have learned how to use BW Monitor to display the status of data loads and to find out when,where,and how errors (if any arose) occurred.

To examine the status of other data loads,we can clickResult. In the new screen,we can specify selection conditions to display the status of the data loads in which we are interested. example,by clicking userin the Further selections block,we can specify user-related selection conditions.
Monitor selection data request

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