System Landscape - SAP BW

Figure shows the SAP recommended system landscape. In the figure,any of the three BW systems can interact with any of the three R/3 systems; this interaction does not have to occur in precisely the way shown in Figure,however.


Before transporting a BW object,we need to complete three tasks:

  • Install the release-dependent Plug-In in the R/3 systems by following the instructions in SAP's 84-page installation document. Always back up the database before installing the Plug-In.
  • Replicate the DataSources. BW does not allow us to transport replicated DataSources from the development system to other systems. Without the replicated DataSources in the quality assurance system,we cannot transport transfer rules from the development system to the quality assurance system because of the object dependency.
  • Map the source systems. Note that the transfer rules are source system dependent. We must specify a new source system for the transported transfer rules in the new system. The next procedure explains how to do so.

Work Instructions:
Step 1. In the target BW system,from Administrator Workbench,select Mapping of the source system names from the Tools menu item.
Work Instructions

Step 2. Enter and save the source system names. In our case,we use the same source system name,SND_250,in the target system.
Change View Conversion of source system names

When transfer rules are transported into the target system,they will have a new source system.

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