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To load data into the ODS object,we need to create an InfoSource,transfer rules,and update rules. After loading the data into the ODS object,we will aggregate the data from the ODS object and load them into an InfoCube.

A new InfoCube has been created that will accept the data from the ODS object. Screen shows its data model.
Administrator work bench modelling

Work Instructions:
Step 1. Repeat the procedure outlined in Section to create an InfoSource,IS_ODS_DEMO,and then create transfer rules.
Work Instructions

Step 2. Repeat the procedure outlined to create update rules. The InfoSource is IS_ODS_DEMO. Screen shows the active update rules.

Let's check the update type for ODS data fields. To display the update type for Sales quantity, select Sales quantity and then clickclick.
Update rules change:rules

Step 3. Screen shows one of the differences between ODS objects and InfoCubes: The default update type for an ODS object is Overwrite,and the default update type for an InfoCube is Addition.
Update rule detail

Step 4. Repeat the procedure outlined to create update rules for the InfoCube. In this case,use the ODS object ODS_DEMO as the DataSource instead of the InfoSource as shown in Screen. Click to continue.
Update rule create:start

Step 5. After proposing update rules,BW finds out that one or more InfoCube key figures cannot have one-to-one mappings with the key figures in the ODS object. It therefore decides the update type for these key figures should be set to "no update."

In Screen,we will find out which InfoCube key figures do not have the one-to-one mappings with the key figures in the ODS object. ClickClick to continue.

Step 6. Screen shows that the key figure Sales revenue does not have a one-to-one mapping with a key figure in the ODS object. Let's create an update rule for it. Select Sales revenue,and then clickclick.
Update rules create: rules

Step 7. ClickClick to create an update rule.
update rule

Step 8. Enter a description,and then click 0k-editorto open the ABAP editor.
ABAP editor.

Step 9. Enter RESULT = COMM_ STRUCTURE-/BIC/IO_QUAN * COMM_ STRUCTURE-/BIC/IO_PRC. as shown on line 21,and then clickclick to check the routine. If it is valid,clicksave to save it and go back.
Update sales revenue: create routine

Step 10. ClickClick to continue.
Update rule detail

Step 11. Click clickto check the update rules. If they are valid,clickClick to activate them.
Update rules create: rules

Screen shows you have achieved a data flow path from the flat file source system all the way to the InfoCube.
Administrator work bench modelling

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