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Now we can load data into the ODS object.

Work Instructions
Step 1. Repeat the procedure outlined in Section to create an InfoPackage. Select the Only PSA option in the InfoPackage.

Note:As of BW 2 releases,when loading data into ODS objects BW requires us to select the Only PSA option because ODS objects do not support parallel loads.

A load request can be processed in parallel when the data are sent in multiple packets from the source system. Each packet will use one SAP work process. This parallel processing generates an ORA-54 error when multiple processes compete for the same table lock on the ODS tables. This table lock is essential so that the Overwrite option selected in Screen will not cause data consistency problems when the data load executes. Loading data from PSA to an ODS object or an InfoCube is handled by a single SAP work process,which prevents the table locking problem.

BW release 3.0A removes this restriction. Data can now be loaded into an ODS object in multiple packets,through parallel processing. The new release achieves this goal via a queuing mechanism. Data requests are identified uniquely by a combination of several key fields.
Administrator work bench modelling

Step 2. Under the Update parameters tab,we see another difference between ODS objects and InfoCubes: We do not have the delta load option. In Section,we will see how to perform delta data loading into the ODS object using 0RECORDMODE.
Administrator work bench modelling

Step 3. After loading the data,go to PSA to check its contents using the procedure.
Maintainance of psa data request

Step 4. After checking the data in PSA,load it into the ODS object following the step.Next,we need to check and set the data quality status. To do so,right-click the ODS and select Manage.
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Step 5. Click in the QM…column.

Note:QM stands for "quality management." Before the loaded data will be available for reporting,the QM status must be set to "OK," as indicated by the green light on the right.We could have skipped Step 5 if we had selected the option Set quality status to 'OK' automatically.
Manage data targets

Step 6. Change the status from Status indifferent; not yet f to Status OK,and then click clickto save the change.
overall status

Step 7. ClickClick to pass the message.
Not current data in reporting

Note:The loaded data are available for reporting only after being activated,which takes place.

Step 8. ClickClick to pass the message.
Status change for Info cube

Step 9. The iconicon in the Request for reporting available column indicates that the loaded data are available for reporting,which is not correct. Screen indicated that the data were not ready for reporting yet. As mentioned earlier,to make the data ready for reporting,we need to activate it.
Manage data targets

Step 10. To make the data ready for reporting,right-click the ODS object,and then select Activate data in ODS….
Administrator work bench modelling

Note:We could have skipped Step 10 if we had selected the option Activate ODS object data automatically in Screen.

Step 11. Select the data load request,and then clickstart. A background job is launched,which will move the data from one ODS table into another ODS table,from which we can display data using a BEx query.
Activate M version in ODS table ODS

You have loaded data into the ODS object and made it ready for reporting. Repeating procedure,you can define a query as shown in Screen. shows the result of this query.

Microsoft excel

Note:Each ODS object has three database tables. In our case,they are /BIC/AODS_DEMO10 for the new data,/BIC/AODS_DEMO00 for the active data, and /BIC/B0000842000 for the change log. You can display each table's contents by clicking the appropriate button under the Contents.
Manage data targets

Before the ODS data were activated in Screen,only /BIC/AODS_DEMO10 had data. Clickingnew-data,we can see its contents.
data browser table

After the ODS data were activated,/BIC/AODS_DEMO10 no longer had data; the data had been moved into /BIC/B0000842000 and /BIC/AODS_DEMO00. Clickingchange-log on Screen,we see the /BIC/B0000842000 contents. ClickingActive-data, we see the /BIC/AODS_DEMO00 contents.
data browser table

data browser table

In BW release 3.0A,an ODS object will have an active table and a change log. The data are loaded directly to the change log and arrive in the active table when it becomes activated. This change shortens data loading time and makes data available for reporting more quickly.

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