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Previously,we defined the characteristic ZVENDOR and its DataSources,ZVENDOR_ATTR and ZVENDOR_TEXT. Loading the source system data is relatively easy,as noted. To save space,here we show only those procedures that are special to characteristic ZVENDOR.
This section also provides an example demonstrating how to use the BW Monitor to troubleshoot data load failures.

Work Instructions:
Step 1. To load the master data,first we follow the procedure in Section,"Creating an InfoSource for Characteristic Data," to create transfer rules for the DataSource ZVENDOR_ATTR. Screen shows the activated transfer rules.
Work Instructions

Step 2. To load the texts,follow the procedure in Section again to create transfer rules for the DataSource ZVENDOR_TEXT. Screen shows the activated transfer rules.
activated transfer rules

Step 3. Follow the procedure in Section,"Creating InfoPackages to Load Characteristic Data," to create InfoPackages.Screen shows the first InfoPackage for master data. Notice the two fields (LIFNR and EKORG) that we selected when we created the ZVENDOR_ATTR DataSource.
Scheduler (Maintain Info package)

Step 4. Click startto load the data immediately
Scheduler (Maintain Info package)

Step 5. BW Monitor indicates that the load attempt failed. Click error-msgto display the error.
Monitor Administrator Work bench

Step 6. ClickClick to display the error messages in detail.
error messages

Step 7. The error message indicates that the incoming data to the attribute INCO2 have small/lowercase letters, which is not allowed.

Step 8. To allow small/lowercase letters in the upload,modify the attribute INCO2's definition. Under the General tab,check the Lowercase letters option.

Step 9. If we allow lowercase letters,the attribute INCO2 can no longer have its own master data and texts.
Change Characterstics INCO2

If we load the data again,this time the operation will succeed. Screen shows BW Monitor status.
Monitor Administrator Work bench

Compared with the data in the R/3 source system (Screen),the BW master data table /BIC/PZVENDOR contains correct contents (Screen).
Data Browser Table /BIC/PZVENDOR select Entries

Next,create an InfoPackage to load the texts. Compared with Screen,the text table /BIC/TZVENDOR contains the correct texts as well (Screen).
Data Browser Table /BIC/PZVENDOR select Entries

At this point,we have achieved the goal set at the beginning of this chapter.

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