Creating Update Rules for the InfoCube - SAP BW

Before creating an InfoPackage to load the transaction data,we must define rules for the InfoCube IC_DEMBC that determine how data will be updated. In BW,these rules are called update rules.

Work Instructions
Step 1. Select Data targets under Modelling in the left panel,right-click InfoCube–demo: Basic Cube,and select Create update rules in the right panel.
Work Instructions

Step 2. In the Data source block,select the option InfoSource,enter the newly created IS_DEMOBC,and then click Work Instructionsto move to the next screen.
Updates rules create: Start

Step 3. Accept the default update rules. Click default update rulesto check the update rules. If they are valid,click update rulesto activate them.
Update rules create : rules

Note:Section,"Preparing to Load Data into the ODS Object,Then into an InfoCube, "describes how to use ABAP to define an update rule.

You have created the update rules. A status message Update rules were successfully activated will appear at the bottom of Screen.

Note:BW release 3.0A allows you to create update rules for a characteristic's master data and text as well.

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