Creating InfoPackages to Load Characteristic Data - SAP BW

BW uses InfoPackages to define how to select data,and when to transfer and load the data. In BW,a characteristic can consist of three data components:

  • Master data,or attributes as they are sometimes called
  • Text
  • Hierarchy

"BW Star Schema," discusses master data,texts,and hierarchies and explains their relationships to characteristics.

Each part requires an InfoPackage. This section describes how to create InfoPackages to load master data and text. The next section covers entering master data and text manually.

Work Instructions
Step 1. Right-click Source System–demo: flat file,and then select Create InfoPackage….
Work Instructions

Step 2. Select the DataSource Material number (Master data),enter a description for the InfoPackage,and then click Work Instructionsto continue.

Step 3. Click the External data tab. Select options as shown in the screen. Enter a file name with a path. The file contains the data given in Table
Administrator Work bench Modelling

The data file can reside on a front-end computer (or Client workstation as it is called here) or one of the application servers in the SAP Basis three-tier architecture. In our example,IO_MAT_ATTR.CSV resides in our front-end computer. For better loading performance,it is recommended that you place data files in application server computers.

Step 4. Click the Schedule tab,select the option Start data load immediately,and then clickTim to load data.
Administrator Work bench Modelling

The staging engine starts to load the data. A status message Data was requested will appear at the bottom of Screen 3.19.

Note:To schedule the loading operation for a later date or to execute loading periodically,select the option Start later in bckgrnd proc,and then click. A pop-up window appears,as shown in Screen 3.20. You can set up a background process to start the data loading job based on the criteria specified in Screen 3.20. The same window is used in R/3 for background job scheduling. In essence,BW Scheduler is embedded in InfoPackages.


By repeating this procedure and selecting DataSource Material number (Texts),we can load the texts in Table.

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