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Now we are ready to create characteristics.

Work Instructions
Step 1. Right-click InfoObject Catalog–demo: characteristics,and then select Create InfoObject….
Work Instructions

Step 2. Enter a name and a description,and then click Work Instructionsto continue.

Step 3. Select CHAR as the DataType,enter 15 for the field Length,and then click the tab Attributes.

Step 4. Enter an attribute name IO_MATNM,and then click Work Instructionsto create the attribute.
Work Instructions

Note:Notice that IO_MATNM is underlined. In BW,the underline works like a hyperlink. After IO_MATNM is created,when you click IO_MATNM,the hyperlink will lead you to IO_MATNM's detail definition window.

Step 5. Select the option Create attribute as characteristic,and then clickWork Instructions to continue.
Work Instructions

Step 6. Select CHAR as the DataType,and then enter 30 for the field Length. Notice that the option Exclusively attribute is selected by default. Click Work Instructionsto continue.

Note:If Exclusively attribute is selected,the attribute IO_MATNM can be used only as a display attribute,not as a navigational attribute. "InfoCube Design Alternative I Time Dependent Navigational Attributes," discusses an example of the navigation attributes.

Selecting Exclusively attribute allows you to select Lowercase letters. If the option Lowercase letters is selected,the attribute can accept lowercase letters in data to be loaded.
Create Characterstic

If the option Lowercase letters is selected,no master data tables,text tables,or another level of attributes underneath are allowed. "BW Star Schema," describes master data tables and text tables,and explains how they relate to a characteristic.

Step 7. ClickCreate Characterstic to check the characteristic. If it is valid,click Create Charactersticto activate the characteristic.
activate the characteristic.

Step 8. A window is displayed asking whether you want to activate dependent InfoObjects. In our example,the dependent InfoObject is IO_MATNM.

Click Work Instructionsto activate IO_MAT and IO_MATNM.
activate IO_MAT and IO_MATNM.

You have now created the characteristic IO_MAT and its attribute IO_MATNM.

Note:Saving an InfoObject means saving its properties,or meta-data. You have not yet created its physical database objects,such as tables.

Activating an InfoObject will create the relevant database objects. After activating IO_MAT,the names of the newly created master data table and text table are displayed under the Master data/texts tab. The name of the master data table is /BIC/PIO_MAT,and the name of the text table is /BIC/TIO_MAT.

Notice the prefix /BIC/ in the database object names. BW prefixes /BI0/ to the names of database objects of Business Content objects,and it prefixes /BIC/ to the names of database objects of customer-created BW objects.
Change characterstic Io_MAT

Repeat the preceding steps to create the other characteristics listed.

The column "Assigned to" specifies the characteristic to which an attribute is assigned. For example,IO_MATNM is an attribute of IO_MAT.

The Material Description in Table will be treated as IO_MAT's text,as shown in Table,"Creating InfoPackages to Load Characteristic Data." We do not need to create a characteristic for it.

IO_SREG and IO_SOFF are created as independent characteristics,instead of IO_SREP's attributes. Section 3.6,"Entering the Master Data,Text,and Hierarchy Manually," explains how to link IO_SOFF and IO_SREG to IO_SREP via a sales organization hierarchy. "InfoCube Design Alternative I—Time-Dependent Navigational Attributes," discusses a new InfoCube design in which IO_SOFF and IO_SREG are IO_SREP's attributes.

BW provides characteristics for units of measure and time. We do not need to create them.From Administrator Workbench,we can verify that the characteristics in Table have been created by clicking InfoArea–demo,and then clicking InfoObject Catalog–demo: characteristics.

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