Creating Info Objects-Key Figures - SAP BW

Next,we start to create the keys.

Work Instructions
Step 1. Right-click InfoObject Catalog–demo: key figures,and then select Create InfoObject.
Work Instructions

Step 2. Enter a name and a description,and then click Work Instructionsto continue.
Create Key Figure

Step 3. Select Amount in the block Type/data type,select USD as the Fixed currency in the block Currency/unit of measure,and then click Create Key Figureto check the key figure. If it is valid,clickCreate Key Figure to activate the key figure.
activate the key figure.

You have created the key figure IO_PRC. A status message All InfoObject(s) activated will appear at the bottom of Screen.

Repeat the preceding steps to create other key figures listed.

From Administrator Workbench,we can verify that the key figures in Table have been created (Screen) by clicking InfoArea–demo,and then clicking InfoObject Catalog–demo: key figures.

Having created the necessary InfoObjects,we now continue to create the InfoCube.

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