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First,let's create an ODS object.

Work Instructions:

Step 1. Right-click InfoArea—demo,and then select Create ODS object….
Work Instructions

Step 2. Enter a name and a description,and then clickclick to create the named ODS object.
Edit ODS Object

Step 3. Select the BEx Reporting option,allowing us to create queries on the ODS object from BEx Analyzer.

Note:We leave other options open so we have opportunities later to manually complete these tasks. It helps us to understand the data load process.
Next,clickclick to get the necessary InfoObjects.
necessary Info Objects

Step 4. Select IOC_DEMO_CH,which was created in Section. Click necessary Info Objectsto continue.
Select Info object catalog

Step 5. Drag IO_ORD (Order number),IO_CUST (Customer ID),IO_SREG (Sales region),IO_SOFF (Sales office),IO_SREPN2 (Sales representative ID – new 2),and IO_MAT (Material number) from the left panel into the right panel and place them under the Key fields folder. Here IO_ORD is a newly created characteristic for sales orders.
characteristic for sales orders.

Step 6. Repeat Steps 3–5 to add IO_QUAN and IO_PRC to the ODS object. Be sure to add them to the Data fields folder.
Edit ODS object

Step 7. Repeat Steps 3–5 to add 0CALDAY (Calendar day) to the ODS object. Be sure to add it to the Key fields folder.
Edit ODS Object

Step 8. Click. A new InfoObject,0RECORDMODE,is added. In Section,we will learn how to use it in delta data loads.Click to activate the ODS object.
Edit ODS Object

You have created an ODS object that includes a new InfoObject,IO_ORD,for sales orders.

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