Creating a Source System - SAP BW

A BW system can accept data from all kinds of source systems,such as the following:

  • R/3 systems
  • BW systems
  • Flat files
  • External systems through third-party ETTL tools

The following procedure shows how to create a flat file source system.Business Content,describes how to create an R/3 source system.

Work Instructions
Step 1. Select Source systems under Modelling in the left panel. In the right panel,right-click Source systems and select Create….
Work Instructions

Step 2. Select the FileSystem,manual meta data,data using file inte option,and then click Work Instructionsto continue.
Work Instructions

Step 3. Enter a name and a description for the source system,and then clickWork Instructions to create the source system.
create the source system.

You have created the source system. A status message Source system SS_DEMOFF creation successful finished will appear at the bottom of Screen.
Administrator work bench modelling

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