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Now we need to create a characteristic, which we will name ZVENDOR. Table shows how we match the R/3 table fields to the characteristic ZVENDOR and its attributes.

The characteristic ZVENDOR does not need to have an attribute for the field MANDT. The field MANDT is used to group the LFM1 data into clients (see Section). Our earlier replication of DataSources from the source system SND_250 (Screen) has already determined the client from which to extract data.Section provided the procedure for creating a characteristic. To save space,the work instructions here focus only on what is special to ZVENDOR.

Work Instructions:
Step 1. Repeat the procedure in Section,"Creating InfoObjects—Characteristics," to create the ZVENDOR characteristic.Select CHAR as the DataType,enter 10 as the field Length,and then click the Attributes tab to add the attributes.
Work Instructions

Step 2. Create attributes as described in Section. Here,however,the attribute MINBW is of type currency,not type character.

Enter MINBW as the attribute name,and then clickclick to create the attribute.
Create Characterstic Zvendor Detail

Step 3. Select the Create attribute as key figure option,and then clickclick to continue.
Create Attribute

Step 4. Make selections as shown in this screen,and then clickclick to continue.
Create Characterstic MINBW: Detail

Step 5. After creating other attributes,go to the Compounding tab.
Create Characterstic ZVEndor: Detail

Step 6. Enter 0PURCH_ORG as the compound attribute,and then go to the Master data/texts tab.
Create Characterstic ZVEndor: Detail

Step 7. Check off Short,Medium,and Long to create three fields in the text table /BIC/TZVENDOR; these fields will store the view ZVENDOR_TEXT's NAME1,NAME2,and NAME3,respectively.Check and activate the characteristic.
Create Characterstic ZVEndor: Detail

Next,we will load the R/3 data into the characteristic ZVENDOR.

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