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Before we check the loaded characteristic data,let's confirm that the load operation was successful.

Work Instructions
Step 1. ClickWork Instructions to view the status of the data load. It leads us to BW Monitor.
Administrator Workbench Modelling

Step 2. ClickAdministrator Workbench Modelling to view the status of all data loads triggered by this Info-Package.
Data Selection

Step 3. Green lights Green lightsin the left panel indicate that the data have been loaded successfully.
Monitor Administrator workbench

The data are now in IO_MAT. Next,we will display the IO_MAT contents to verify that the data have been loaded correctly.

Work Instructions:
The loaded characteristic data can be displayed in many ways. The next set of steps describes one of them.

Step 1. Right-click the characteristic Material number,and then select Maintain master data.

Note:The two under Material number indicate the InfoPackages.
Administrator workbench Modelling

Step 2. Click Timto display the contents.
Characterstic IO_MAT maintain master data selection

Note:To see only some of the data in IO_MAT,we can use the text fields in this screen to specify selection conditions. For example,the selection conditions in this screen specify that a maximum of 1,000 entries with texts in English will be displayed.

The loaded data—both master data and texts—are displayed in Screen 3.27;they are correct.
Characterstic IO_MAT maintain master data selection

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