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What is SAP BPC Applications?

An Application in BPC system is described as multidimensional information model used in EPM. Few examples of programs are - Operation, legal or Finance group.

There are two sorts of applications in BPC system - Reporting and Non-Reporting. Reporting applications are used for analysis cause and you may pass inputs from the users. Non-Reporting applications are used to include reference information like currency rates, bring ahead balances, etc.

An Appset includes one or multiple programs in system. each application includes the master records for an application, that's used to manipulate facts in the application set. An application can also share one or multiple dimensions with different applications.

Application Architecture

Every Reporting utility includes a size, properties to preserve the additional information, and measurement individuals.

Consider a Consolidation rate utility, which includes rate app to save currency exchange rates and an owner utility, which stores the relationship between owner company and its subsidiary companies.




Account (A)

O_Account (A)

R_Account (A)

Category (C)

Category (C)

Category (C)

Entity (E)

Entity (E)

R_Entity (E)

Groups (R)

Groups (R)

InputCurrency (R)

Time (T)

Time (T)

Time (T)

Intercompany (I)

Intercompany (I)

DataSource (D)

Flow (S)

Creating Applications and Applying Dimensions

To add an application to the application set, you may use an present utility through choosing reference programs and any set of business rules. you may also upload dimensions in new utility and those may be described as secure or non-comfy. when you outline dimensions as secure it ensures the read and write access is managed through consumer profiles.

You may add an application through an admin console − application → upload a new application

To copy an application − application → copy an application

To create a Consolidation utility, you need to define AppSet for consolidation and size set for consolidation.

You need to set the following parameters after creating the application set.


In SAP BPC NetWeaver version, these types of parameters are maintained in ABAP DDIC table.

Once the application set is created, the next step is to set up the parameters for size set.

You can upload a new dimension or copy an current dimension. within the management Console, go to size and model.

SAP BPC - Applications

Go to Dimensions and Models → Dimension.

SAP BPC - Applications

Click on +New → Enter ID, Description, Type → Create.

SAP BPC - Applications

To create a rate application which includes the change rate, following size types are needed −

  • C_Acct (A) − For maintaining Charts of Account.
  • C_Category (C) − To define category.
  • Groups (R) − Like group A (USD), group B (EUR), and group C (RMB).
  • Entity (E) − It includes the business unit used to derive technique.
  • C_Datasrc (D) − information source dimension.
  • IntCo (I) − It determines the level of entity hierarchy at which stage the removal desires to be performed.
  • Time (T) − Time in all dimensions.
  • Flow (S) − To hold track of movements in Consolidation.

To create a rate utility which includes the change rate, following size types are needed −

  • R_Acct (A) − For preserving different kinds of rate.
  • InputCurrency(R) − currency type size.
  • C_Category (C) − To define class.
  • R_Entity (E) − rate application.
  • Time (T) − Time in all dimensions.

To create an ownership, Consolidation application includes the possession data. the following size sorts are wanted −

  • O_Acct (A) − for ownership
  • C_Category (C) − To outline category
  • Entity (E) − It carries the business unit used to derive technique.
  • IntCo (I) − It determines stage of the entity hierarchy at which degree the removal needs to be executed.
  • Groups (R) − Used to implement separate group type.
  • Time (T) − Time in all dimensions.

To set up a consolidation application, three packages are required - rate, ownership, and Consolidation.

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