What is SAP BODS Overview?

SAP BO Data Services is an ETL tool used for Data integration, data quality, data reporting and data treating. It permits you to participate, convert reliable data-to-data warehouse system for analytical reporting.

BO Data Services contains of a UI improvement interface, metadata warehouse, data connectivity to source and target system and management support for scheduling of jobs.

Data Integration & Data Management

SAP BO Data Services is data integration and controlling tool and contains of Data Integrator Job Server and Data Integrator Designer.

Key Features

  • You can apply various data transformations using Data Integrator language to apply complex data transformations and building customized functions.
  • Data Integrator Designer is used to store real time and batch jobs and new projects in repository.
  • DI Designer also provides an option for team based ETL development by providing a central repository with all basics functionality.
  • Data Integrator job server is responsible to process jobs that are created using DI Designer.

Web Administrator

Data Integrator web administrator is used by system administrators and database administrator to continue warehouses in Data services. Data Services contains Metadata Repository, Central Repository for team-based development, Job Server and Web Services.

Key functions of DI Web Administrator −

  • It is used to schedule, monitor and execute batch jobs.
  • It is used for the configuration and starts and stop real-time servers.
  • It is used for configuring Job Server, Access Server, and repository usage.
  • It is used for configuring adapters.
  • It is used for configuring and controlling all the tools in BO Data Services.

Data Management function highlights on data quality. It includes data cleansing, attractive and associating the data to get correct data in the DW system.

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