Extracting Data from Database Tables - SAP BODS

What is Extracting Data from Database Tables?

By using database data stores, you can abstract the data from tables and functions in database. When you execute data import for metadata, Tool permits you to edit the column names, data types, description, etc.

You can edit the following entities −

  • Table Name
  • Column Name
  • Table Description
  • Column Description
  • Column Data Type
  • Column Content Type
  • Table Attributes
  • Primary Key
  • Owner Name

Importing Metadata

To overview Metadata, follow the steps given below −
Step 1 − Go to Local Object Library → go to Data store that you want to use.


Step 2 − Right Click on Data store → Open.

In the workspace, all the substances that are accessible for import will be displayed. Select the objects for which you want to import the metadata.


In the Object library, go to the data store to see the list of introduced substances.

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