Debugging & Recovery Mechanism - SAP BODS

What is Debugging & Recovery Mechanism?

In example your job does not run successfully, you should fix the error and rerun the job. In case of failed jobs, there is a probability that some stands have been loaded, improved or partially loaded. You need to repeat the job to get all the data and to eliminate any identical or missing data.

Two methods that can be used for recovery are as follows −

  • Automatic Recovery − this allows you to run unsuccessful jobs in recovery mode.
  • Manually Recovery − this allows you to rerun the jobs without considering partial rerun previous time.

To run a job with Recovery option enabled in Designer

Step 1 − Right Click on job name → Execute.


Step 2 − Save all modifications and Perform → Yes.

Step 3 − Go to the Execution tab → Enable Recovery check box. If this box is not checked, Data services will not recover the job, if it fails.


To run a job in Recovery mode from Designer

Step 1 − Right click and execute the job as beyond. Save variations.

Step 2 − Go to the Execution Options. You have to ensure that the option Recover from last failed execution box is checked.

Note − this option is not enabled, if a job is not yet executed. This is known as Automatic recovery of a unsuccessful job.


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