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You can test the integrity of the objects and classes in your universe by running regular checks with Check Integrity (Tools > Check Integrity), and by testing objects in Web Intelligence. You can also view the SQL that objects generate in a query by using the Query Panel to create a query with universe objects and clicking the View SQL button.

Testing objects in the Query Panel

You can view the SQL for a query using the Query Panel as follows:

  1. Select Tools > Query Panel. The Query Panel appears.
  2. Drag objects to the Results pane on the right.
  3. Click the SQL button.
  4. The SQL for the query appears.
  5. Click OK then Cancel to close the Query Panel.

Testing the integrity of the universe

As you create and modify classes and objects, you should use Check Integrity regularly to test the integrity of your universe regularly using Check Integrity.

Testing the universe with Web Intelligence

You can test objects by running test queries in Web Intelligence. When you test objects you can ask the following type of questions:

  • Do the objects exist? If not, did you save the universe after it was last created?
  • Is the SQL correct?
  • Are the results of the query correct?

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