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Designer can only be used with a Central Management System (CMS) repository. You must log in to the repository before starting Designer.

If you are starting Designer for the first time and want to work on an existing universe, you need to open the universe directly first, save it with a secure connection, and export it to the repository. You then import the universe to make updates and export updated versions. This ensures that the CMS and the local universe versions are synchronized.

Once you start Designer you can open a universe in one of the following ways:

  • Create a new universe
  • Import a universe from the CMS repository
  • Open a universe directly from the file system

A universe is only available to Web Intelligence users when it is exported to the repository. Importing a universe, making changes, then exporting the updated universe is the most common way of working with Designer. It ensures that the CMS (repository) version is synchronized with the file version.


You can save a universe to the file system. You do this when you want to share the universe with other users who may not have a connection rights to the target CMS. See the section Saving a universe for more information.

You start Designer from the task bar by clicking the Designer icon in the group of installed Business Objects products for this release. You are prompted to log into the CMS before Designer starts.

Starting Designer

To start Designer:

  1. click the Start button on the taskbar.
  2. Point to the Programs menu
  3. Click the Designer program from the BusinessObjects command.
  4. The login box for the CMS appears.
  5. Type the following information. This information is normally provided for you by the Business Objects administrator.
    Starting Designer
  6. Click OK.

    The Designer startup screen appears, and an empty Designer session opens.

    The user name and CMS name appear in the title bar.

Depending on options set for Designer, the "Quick Start" universe design wizard can start automatically when you start Designer. Click Cancel to close the wizard.

Using the Quick Design wizard

When you start a Designer session for the first time, a "Quick Design" wizard appears by default. You can use the wizard to quickly create a universe, or to familiarize yourself with Designer, however, it is not an appropriate tool for creating a complete universe that responds to end user reporting requirements.

It is recommended that you disable the "Quick Design" wizard, and use it only as a means to familiarize yourself with Designer, and not use it to design universes. All the universe design, building, and maintenance information and procedures in this manual assume that you have disabled the "Quick Design" wizard

Disactivating the Quick Design wizard

When you first start a Designer session, a "Quick Design" wizard appears by default. You can prevent the wizard appearing automatically when you create a new universe as follows:

To disactivate the "Quick Design" wizard:

  1. Select Tools > Options.
  2. The "Options" dialog box opens to the General page.
  3. Clear the Show Welcome Wizard check box. (This check box is already cleared if you have cleared the Run this Wizard at Startup check box from the "Startup Wizard" Welcome page.)
  4. Clear the File/New Starts Quick Design Wizard check box.
  5. Click OK.

You can activate the "Quick Design" wizard at any time by selecting the above check boxes from the General page of the "Options" dialog box.

Giving all users access to a universe

You can make a universe accessible to all Designer users in both workgroup and enterprise mode, by saving a universe in workgroup mode. The connection for the universe cannot be a secured connection. If you want to make a universe available to all users, you must save the universe with an unsecured connection.

To make a universe accessible to all Designer users:

  1. Verify that the universe that you want to make available to all users does not have a secured connection.
  2. Secured connections are required to export universe to the CMS. If a universe has a secured connection, select or create a new shared connection.
  3. Select File > Save As.
  4. A "File Save" box appears.
  5. Select the Save For All Users check box.
  6. Click OK.

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