Generating universes from metadata sources - SAP BO

You can create universes from the following metadata sources:

  • XML metadata sources:
  • Common Warehouse Model (CWM Relational 1.0)
    Common Warehouse Model OLAP (CWM OLAP)
    Oracle Warehouse Builder (Oracle WB)
    Data Integrator
    IBM DB2 Data Warehouse Center (IBM DB2 DWC)
    IBM DB2 Cube Views
  • Oracle Analytic Workspaces (Oracle OLAP)

Universe creation overview

You use the Metadata Exchange panel (File > Metadata Exchange) to select a metadata format. This is the format used by the target metadata source file.Once the format has been selected, you follow a universe builder wizard to choose a target database and select the structures that you want to use to build the universe. You then select the target connection, and generate the universe.

The universe creation process is the same for all XML metadata sources.The universe creation process for a Oracle Analytical Workspaces datasource is different. Once you have selected your connection, a universe creation panel specific to Oracle Analytic Workspaces appears. You create a view on the database, then create a universe from the view.Once you have created the universe from a metadata source, you can modify any of the universe components as for any other universe.You save and export the universe to the Central Management System (CMS). Once exported to the CMS, the universe is then available to Web Intelligence users to create queries and reports.

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