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What is Sub Analysis?

In a working area, data is examined using a crosstab in a workspace. Crosstab is added as chief analysis and you can also add sub-analysis in the form of a graph or a crosstab. Sub analysis is at all times linked to the key analysis.

For instance, when a crosstab is added as key analysis you can add a chart or graph as sub analysis. This sub-analysis signifies the same data as key analysis.

To make a sub-analysis, you have to click the Insert button in the toolbar and select insert a sub-analysis.


To focus on a certain set of data in analysis we make use of Sub-analysis. To focus on a subset, you have to select an analysis and click the Outline button on the tool bar.


In the workspace you can see the Analysis and Sub-analysis. Select the Analysis and click the Display button on the top right side of the screen. You can see a selection of Focused Analysis as shown in the resulting screenshot.


Linked sub-analyses currently display merely the particular data in the key analysis. In the key analysis, select the range of members that you need to display in the sub-analysis.

To select a range you can click and drag or use SHIFT + CLICK to select a range.

Pause and Unlink

Pausing a Sub-analysis

In an analysis, it is also likely to pause a sub-analysis update. Choose an Analysis in the Outline Panel on the left side of the screen → Select Display → Click Update Sub-Analysis.

Now when you pause updating sub-analysis, you add sizes/hierarchies to the key analysis. It will not update sub-analysis as revealed in the succeeding screenshot.

Unlinking a Sub-Analysis

In a workspace in Analysis Edition for OLAP, when you add a crosstab or chart sub-analysis to a sheet that comprises an analysis, the new module is linked to the key analysis. Changes that you make to the key analysis (typically a crosstab) are revealed in all sub analyses.
You can unlink the sub-analysis and the sub-analysis is changed to a distinct analysis that comprises only the attentive analysis. Select the sub-analysis in the Outline panel → Display tab → Unlink Sub-Analysis, to unlink a sub-analysis.


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