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What is SAP BO Analysis Sharing Workspaces?

When a workspace is made, you can save or share it over the web with additional end users. When you have adequate rights of Administrator, you can issue workspaces to BI source.

To save the workspace in a public folder, direct to the toolbar and click the arrow button and choose Save As.


In the folder tree, increase the Public Folders folder and glance to the folder where you want to save your workspace. Enter the file name and click the Save button.


Sending a Workspace to another User via Email

You can also send a workspace to alternative BI platform user or in an email attachment. Saved workspace is shared with BI platform users over email in an attachment or in a link.

How to send a workspace to BI platform user?

To send a workspace, click the Send to button on the Toolbar.


To direct a workspace via email, click the Email and enter the receiver list. Choose a target name for the workspace. You can also choose the Shortcut option to lead the workspace as a hyperlink, or select the Copy option to send the workspace as a file.

To send workspace to BI platform users, you have to describe the settings in BI Launchpad.

When you get an error message - "The endpoint plugin mandatory for this action is disabled. If you need this functionality, please communicate with your system administrator", you need to configure BI Platform Adaptive Job Server for email destination.


How to get URL for workspace?

To acquire the URL, click the arrow button next to the Send to button → Select Document Link.


http://BODS:8080/BOE/OpenDocument/opendoc/openDocument.jsp?sIDType=CUID&iD ocID=ASeqXMP0neREq8IWoTMkDwY


This URL can be copied to Crystal report, Web Intelligence document, or other office document.

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