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What is SAP BO Analysis Export Options?

In Analysis Edition for OLAP, occasionally it is mandatory to spread the data to dissimilar file formats. You can transfer your analysis to an Excel file, CSV file, PDF, or to an analysis view, or an application.

To export an analysis, click on the Export To option –

You can also use the Printing choice where you can print a sheet or the whole data. To take a Print, click the Print option in the tool bar.

When you click the Print option, you will be endorsed to select Sheet or Data and paper settings for printing. You can similarly define the header and footer settings and Landscape/Portrait.


However choosing the Print option, you can select to print raw data as an alternative of the crosstab or chart depictions of your data. When you select the data printing option, all the filtered data in an analysis is printed and not just the data observable on the screen. In the course of the printing function, cell formatting is remembered.

Exporting Data to an Excel

Analysis can be exported in to excel file, which can be seen by the users or save it in an .xls file. To view the data instantly, you should have MS Excel installed on your machine.

If you have a chart in your analysis, it is passing on as a static image in xls file.


You have a possibility to export a specific Analysis or Sub-analysis to Excel file. Click the OK button to advance.

When you click the OK button, you will be provoked to open the xls or to save the file. Mutually Analysis and Sub-analysis will be added to the xls file.



You can also export the analysis in a CSV file format.

Exporting an Analysis to PDF

It is also likely to export an analysis in the PDF format and you can make use of the PDF viewer to view mutually the main analysis and sub-analysis. You can then send the PDF file to associates, or print hard copies of the data from the PDF viewer.

analysis_pdf (1)

There is Zoom in/Zoom out option in the PDF viewer. You can save the PDF nearby or take a printout from the PDF viewer in the toolbar.


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