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What is SAP BO Analysis Conditional Formatting?

Using conditional formatting in an analysis, you'll be able to highlight vital data and results, and additionally suggests the data range that's surprising. You’ll be able to add completely different colors to the cells in analysis that represents different values.

You can choose from the resulting styles of formatting −

  • Defining the background cell color − This lets you to set the background color of the cell with values in analysis.
  • Value color − You can state the color of the values when it is altered.
  • Defining the symbols − You can also add symbols to altered cells of an analysis.

To make a new Conditional Formatting rule, you have to navigate to Analyze tab → Conditional Formatting → New.


Rule Priority

When you have multiple conditional formatting rules applied on a cell in an analysis, the rule with the upper priority controls how the cell is displayed.

When you apply 2 conditional formatting rules applied to identical cells, and each conditional formats contain rules with equal priority, then the conditional format that was added 1st takes precedence.

To apply Conditional formatting, navigate to analyze tab → Conditional formatting → new. On the Conditional formatting panel, you have got to define the name for the conditional format.


In the following step, you have to describe Based on Field value by choosing an amount value. The circumstances are assessed using the amount you select in Based on Field.

Next, describe Format field from the dropdown.


In the Definition tab, you have to describe the importance of the formatting rule. Choose the Operator value, and pass in the value in the operand. Click the Add button to apply the rule.


The rule will be added to the list of Conditional formatting rules, once you click the Add button. You have a choice to show the data or you can reset the conditional formatting rule.


As per the Conditional formatting rule you can see the data in the analysis panel. To apply the rule, click the OK button.

You can also add numerous conditional formatting rules in the similar analysis. To add more than one rule, navigate to Analyze tab → Conditional Formatting → new.


To direct a conditional formatting rule, choose arrow next to Conditional Formatting → Edit.


You can use the similar choice to erase the Conditional Formatting rule, sail across to Analyze → Conditional Formatting → Delete.


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