SAP BO Analysis Chart Types & Styles - SAP BO Analysis Edition For OLAP

What is SAP BO Analysis Chart Types and Styles?

In Analysis Edition for OLAP, you have the resulting chart types −

Column Charts

Following charts are available under Column charts −

  • Clustered Column
  • Stacked Column
  • 100% Stacked Column
  • 3D Clustered Column

stacked_column (1)

Bar Charts

Resulting charts are obtainable under Bar charts −

  • Clustered Bar
  • Stacked Bar
  • 100% Stacked Bar

bar_chart (1)

Resulting charts are available under other charts −

  • Scatter
  • Bubble
  • Box Plot
  • Radar
  • Waterfall


Some other types of charts include Pie Charts and Line Charts.

Displaying Totals

You can also display totals in the chart. Go to Chart Properties → Select “Show Totals” checkbox and click Apply


You can also select changed chart properties −

  • Show Hierarchical Labeling
  • Show Legend
  • Show Totals
  • Manual Hide Chart Labels
  • Show Actual Values

Using show actual values, you can print the actual values on the chart instead of percentage value.


Chart Styles

You can select dissimilar predefined chart styles to display. To change the chart style, navigate to Properties → Style.



You can also select changed font styles for your chart. By default, Font type is Arial. You can adjust it by choosing different font types from the dropdown list.


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