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First, the BEx Web Analyzer and the WAD are not going away anytime soon. Yes, they are being assimilated into the BusinessObjects (BOBJ) components, but the actual reporting toolset covered in this book will be supported by SAP through 2014 and continue to be available past 2014—no plans are in the works to completely phase out these reporting components. So, companies that have this toolset do not need to start thinking about any changes immediately, but it’s always good to be moving in the correct direction—which, according to SAP, is to start to transition over to using the BusinessObject components for reporting but realize that 2014 is only the time frame when SAP will stop support for this component set and not the final date that your reporting tools will work. Nothing will preclude your company from having support onsite for this product after 2014. Second, with over 9500 BW implementations around the world, there will definitely be companies that are happy with the current reporting options and thus choose not to move to the BOBJ components.

Finally, presently the BW (and therefore the BI reporting frontend) doesn’t automatically include the BOBJ components. This is likely to change in the near future, but currently, even though the BOBJ components are fully integrated with the BW backend, they are not included with the Business Intelligence license based on the BW system. You will have to add these components and the license cost onto the base pricing for BW.

In short, not all companies will be moving immediately to the BOBJ suite of products but instead will use the current SAP BI reporting tools for several years. So, I’m confident that quite a bit of work will be available for support of and enhancements to the SAP BI Web Analyzer and the WAD for years to come, making this book a valuable tool. we will defer a full discussion of the changes and transition within SAP’s reporting components until Chapter "Integration of SAP BusinessObjects Components into the BI Environment" because that is where we will discuss some of the functionality of BOBJ within the SAP environment. In Chapter "Integration of SAP BusinessObjects Components into the BI Environment",I’ll discuss the roadmap of SAP reporting tools and where they are going over the next several years. If your company is contemplating a move from another reporting component

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