Overview of web report development SAP BI

The process of working with different charts and diagrams to develop a dynamic and successful Web report has more to do with understanding the report requirements and audience than with the actual configuration. As you know, numerous reporting systems exist in addition to the SAP BI reporting options. Even within SAP, another set of tools is available to help with the reporting process—Business Objects (BOBJ). These BOBJ components are going to be fully integrated into the BI/BW landscape in the near future. The ability to use the BOBJ components is already available and fully integrated into the BI landscape, but soon the complete integration of the two different toolsets, BI and BOBJ, will occur. After that integration is completed, instead of having two reporting toolsets, you will have one that is the combination of the best of both. This does not mean that you won’t be able to use the current versions of BI reporting components, but after the toolsets are combined, you will be able to use either immediately under the same license of BI.

Many of the other reporting systems that are available, such as Brio and Cognos, can be bolted onto the BI system and, based on the appropriate linkage, can read the data from either the queries or the InfoCubes. So, again, the ability to create dynamic Web reports is more an art than a science. You need to understand the approaches to building a good Web report that is useful, consistent, and easy to understand. The normal business users in the “C” management suite (CEO, CIO, and so forth) have about five minutes a day to spend reviewing the current company information before they must tend to the business of managing the health and growth of the company. These responsibilities are more important in the current economy than ever before. So, we need to understand the use of colors, spacing, diagrams, alignment, and any other aspects of the Web reports that will make the information highly accessible.

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