What is SAP BEx Objects?

In this episode, we will debate in detail about working with BEx Objects. We will also study how to Open and Save Objects.

Business Explorer – Working with BEx Objects

In Business Explorer, you can make numerous objects that includes to make a web application. In each BEx tool, you can make different objects that perform multiple functions.

BEx Query

A BEx query comprises characteristics and key figures that can be used to analyze data in the BW System. These objects in the query are imported from the InfoProvider. These queries are used in the BEx Applications.

You can open BEx Queries straightly in the default view in the BEx Web Analyzer or BEx Analyzer and they can be performed to create planning applications and data analysis in the BEx Analyzer.


On the right side, under the Properties pane, you can see the query Properties −

  • Description
  • Technical Name
  • Global Settings
  • Type of Variable
  • Processing By
  • Reference Characteristic


Filters are used to apply data restrictions and that they make sure that certain user teams have limited data access. it's also potential to make multiple filters for an InfoProvider. Filters will be applied on queries in query Designer or in planning applications.

To apply filters in query, you'll drag the characteristics or key figures to a filter pane. These will be more restricted by applying single values, range of values or multiple values.



In the Query Designer, you can state Variables to pass the value at run time. They can be used in web applications and other queries as a placeholder. To state Variables for any of the object in query, you must open the Variable Editor.

You can open the Variable editor by clicking on the resulting option in the Query Designer. This choice is obtainable in the Query Properties of all the mechanisms, where you can pass the constant values.



A structure in a BEx query is used to state the axes framework in a table. When you state structure, it describes the sequence of characteristics and key figures in rows and columns in a BEx query.

To define a new structure, you want to navigate to the Row/Column section in the Query Designer → Select New Structure from the context menu.


Right-click on Structure and go to New Selection. Now, you can add Key figures and characteristics and these can be added to the Preview tab under the Row and Column section.


There are numerous other objects that you can manage under different Business Explorer Tools.

  • Query Views
  • Data Providers
  • Bookmarks
  • Reusable Web Items
  • Workbooks
  • Broadcast Settings
  • Dashboards

Business Explorer – Opening and Saving Objects

In the Business Explorer tools, you can open and save the existing objects. You can also reuse the objects that are created in any of the Business Explorer tool.

Saving and Publishing Queries

In the BEx Query Designer, you can save the queries in to your Favorites folder or to the roles in the Query Designer. To save a query, navigate to Save or Save As button as shown in the resulting screenshot.


You can also publish the queries so that it can be used by other users or can also publish to Portal Content.

To publish a query, you want to navigate to the Publish choice in the Query Designer. You can also share a query via the BEx Broadcaster.


Using a transport system, it is also likely to transport the BEx objects.

Saving Filters and Reusing Filters

In the Query Designer, you can save the filter locally or reuse in any other context. To save the filter locally, you can save the query.
To recycle the filter, you want to define a technical name and description of the filter.


In a comparable way, you can also save and reuse other objects in a Business Explorer. The resulting objects can be saved and reused −

  • Query Views
  • Data Providers
  • Bookmarks
  • Reusable Web Items
  • Workbooks
  • Broadcast Settings
  • Dashboards

In the resulting chapter, we will learn in detail about the accessibility mode in SAP Business Explorer.

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