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What is SAP BEx Integration With BO?

You can additionally integrate all BEx objects with SAP BusinessObjects tools. once you integrate BEx with BO tools, it widens the scope for reporting and data analysis. you'll perform the subsequent integration with SAP BusinessObjects−

  • Integration with SAP BO Dashboards
  • Integration with SAP Crystal Reports
  • Integration with SAP BusinessObjects Analysis.

When you open any of the BusinessObjects tools, you've got an choice to consume BEx query to make a bi Report or Dashboard. you'll use the present queries within the query Designer and might additionally produce new queries within the BEx query Designer tool.

Open SAP Crystal Report Designer to integrate with the BEx Query. Navigate to Data Source → Select BEx Query.

To connect to a Data source, go to File → New → from the Data Source.


You might also connect to other SAP BusinessObjects tools to connect to BEx Query and you can import the characteristics and main figures to make dashboards and BI reports.

To connect the Dashboard to the BEx Query, you want to navigate to the Query Browser → Add Query → Select BEx.


Next is to choose the connection → Search for BEx Query that you must use based on the InfoProvider to use in the BO Tool.

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This is however you'll connect SAP BusinessObjects tools to BEx Objects.

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