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What is SAP BEx Information Broadcasting?

By means of broadcasting options in Business Explorer, one can make BEx objects obtainable to a wide range of users. You can pre-calculate a workbook, web templates, reports and query views and broadcast them in an email to the NetWeaver Portal. These documents can be shared in diverse formats like HTML, MHTML and other formats, while you can also share the URL and online links.

You can call a BEx broadcaster from diverse Business Explorer tools.

Calling Broadcaster from Query Designer

To call a BEx broadcaster from a Query designer, navigate to Publish → BEx Broadcaster.


Calling Broadcaster from a Web Application Designer

You can see the list of all broadcast settings for the web application. In a Web Application Toolbar, navigate to Web Template → Publish → BEx Broadcaster.


Calling Broadcaster in Analyzer

To view the Broadcaster settings, go to BEx Analyzer analysis toolbar, select Tools → Broadcaster.

The BEx Broadcaster shows a list of the obtainable broadcast settings for the workbook that you edited in the BEx Analyzer.


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