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As we have discussed, the SAP Enterprise Services Architecture (ESA) is implemented with the SAP NetWeaver, which is also the technological basis for the development of new solutions. SAP NetWeaver it is the technical framework for all components of mySAP ERP, mySAP Business Suite, and the SAP composite applications, referred to as xAPPs. SAP NetWeaver is an application builder from SAP for integrating business processes, business applications, and databases from a number of sources while exploiting the leading Web services technologies. NetWeaver is the first fully interoperable Web-based cross-application platform that can be used to develop not only SAP applications but others as well. NetWeaver allows a developer to integrate information and processes using diverse technologies, including Java technologies, IBM Websphere, and Microsoft's .NET.The classical representation of the SAP NetWeaver platform.

SAP NetWeaver components

SAP NetWeaver components
The main elements of SAP NetWeaver include three integration layers and an application platform:

  • People Integration. People Integration ensures that users have the information and functions that they require to perform their work as quickly and efficiently as possible. Solution at this level includes mainly the SAP Enterprise Portal, enhanced by multichannel access such as that enabled by the SAP Mobile Infrastructure.
  • Information Integration. The Information Integration level provides access to all structured and unstructured information in the company. The core component here is the SAP Business Information Warehouse, which provides data from many different systems for evaluation and the decision-making process. Knowledge Management, a component of the SAP Enterprise Portal, and Master Data Management are meant to provide functionality for consistent and central data management.
  • Process Integration. Process Integration ensures that business processes run across system boundaries in a heterogeneous system landscape. This is achieved by using XML data packages and workflow scenarios, among other things. The main enabler component here is the SAP Exchange Infrastructure (XI).
  • Application platform. The application platform is the SAP Web Application Server, which can have both the J2EE and ABAP runtime environments and therefore supports Web applications and Web services in an open development environment. Additionally, it includes the services required to provide connectivity and the abstraction layer for the database and the operating system. Additionally, SAP NetWeaver includes some vertical or cross layer components, such as the following:
  • Lifecycle Management, including a large set of applications and services available to other SAP NetWeaver components such as System Management, Installation & Upgrade Utilities, Change Management, Data Archiving, and so on.
  • Composite Application Framework (CAF), which is basically a development environment based on business models, using Web services. From the model, the system can generate the code. With this framework, SAP NetWeaver is able to provide custom-built composite applications, composite applications within the mySAP Business Suite (for instance, to enhance a particular application), or the famous xApps, or cross applications.
  • Connectivity. SAP NetWeaver and the supported solutions include a large number of connectors (Business Connector, Java Connector, .NET Connector, Marketplace Connector, SOAP Processor, etc.) and others that are supported from older SAP Basis releases, such as DCOM connector, and additionally support connectivity with environments based on IBM WebSphere or Microsoft .NET.

Utilities within the Lifecycle Management

Utilities within the Lifecycle Management

In summary, SAP NetWeaver is the SAP strategic integration and application platform that helps to organize people, information, and business processes across system and organization boundaries. Different software interfaces, and the connectivity capabilities, ensure full interoperability of applications that are running on Java, Microsoft .NET, and IBM WebSphere, and for this reason, SAP NetWeaver can easily integrate information and applications from many sources. Technologies for integrating business applications include the following:

  • SAP NetWeaver Developer Studio. Development Environment based on the ECLIPSE standard and used to build Web Dynpro for Java.
  • Business Server Pages (BSP). Web applications based on the ABAP engine. These technologies interoperate with and can be extended using the primary market technologies—Microsoft .NET, Sun's J2EE, and IBM WebSphere.

Because all SAP solutions will be consolidated on the SAP Web Application Server, any dependencies between components will be resolved before customers install them. In addition, SAP's SQL-to-Java database capabilities will eliminate the need to create and maintain separate databases for various solutions. The following sections introduce in greater detail the different components of SAP NetWeaver.

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