Troubleshooting the Upgrade SAP BASIS

A few tips and tricks that can ease your upgrade are as follows:

  • Prepare yourself very well and check all the documentation available.
  • Always check the log files left in each phase of PREPARE (CHECK.LOG) and R3UP. log in the log directory (check the phase log summaries, which contain a list of all errors during the phase). Especially check the log for the shadow instance, STARTSFI.LOG.
  • Reserve port numbers for the upgrade to avoid conflicts.
  • Check the developer traces logs in the "work" directory for the work processes involved in the upgrade.
  • Check that the profile parameters and their settings are correct.
  • Check that the DDIC password has not been changed.
  • Avoid manual calls to R3LOAD, R3TRANS, and TP, because they can damage the system if used with the wrong settings.
  • Remember, TP will use a different profile (pf path) for its TPPARAM parameter file, so be careful!
  • Perform a full backup when is necessary to avoid disasters and losses of data.
  • Test, test, and test again. Perform at least two full test upgrades with a system as close to production as possible before starting the final actual production upgrade.

Unicode Conversion

Nowadays, especially with the Internet as one of our daily tools to communicate business to business, people to people, systems have some trouble to translating properly characters from one language to another. This limits the potential use of some languages and it makes more difficult to make systems "talk." Unicode is a standard that allows you to support almost all of the languages used worldwide. SAP Solutions may be converted to Unicode as well, and this is somewhat of an effort to be made.

SAP R/3 Enterprise is Unicode enabled (and other SAP components as well). That means that you when you upgrade to SAP R/3 Enterprise you can also convert your system to a Unicode system. This is because SAP R/3 Enterprise is based on SAP Web Application server 6.20. During a Unicode conversion, there is high hardware resources consumption and the system must be down during the database conversion. After the upgrade to Unicode, regression and validation testing must be performed. As requisites to start a Unicode conversion, the front-end servers must be of release 6.20 or higher and the database version used must be Unicode enabled.

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