The SAP Web Application Server SAP BASIS

SAP Web AS is the logical result of further development of the SAP Application Server Technology (formerly also known as SAP Basis), with particular attention being paid to Web-based applications. SAP Web Application Server offers the following:

  • A reliable and thoroughly tested runtime environment, evolved over more than 10 years. The SAP Web Application ServerA framework for executing complex business processes that meets the highest security standards.
  • A reliable and user-friendly development environment. Using the SAP Web AS allows for rapid development of Internet applications such as portals/online stores. The applications are displayed using Business Server Pages (BSPs).
  • Support for open technical standards, such as HTTP, HTTPS, SMTP, WebDAV, SOAP, SSL, SSO, X.509, Unicode, HTML, XML, and WML and WSDL from SAP Web AS 6.40.
  • High scalability, inherited from SAP Basis.
  • Support for various operating systems and database and OS independent systems. Several SAP Web Application Servers can run on one application server. Before we discuss various client/server configurations in the context of SAP systems, we first need to define the concepts client and server.

There are basically two ways of doing this:

  • In the hardware-oriented view, the term server (service provider; back end) means the central server in a network that provides data, memory, and resources for the workstations (clients).
  • In the software-oriented view, client and server are both defined at the process level (service). A service in this context is a service provided by a software component. This software component can consist of a process (such as a work process) or a group of processes (such as a SAP Web Application Server) and is then called a server for that service. In the SAP system the SAP GUI front ends are the clients, and the application servers are the servers. Software components that use this service are called clients. At the same time, clients can also be servers for other specific services. For the database the application servers behave as clients.

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