The Concept of a SAP Instance - SAP BASIS

An instance is an administrative entity that groups together Web AS components that offer one or several services. These offered services are started or stopped together. All instance components are configured using a common instance profile. A centralized SAP Web AS system would be made of a unique instance. Another feature that distinguishes the instances is that every SAP instance has its own buffer area, which means that it allocated its own main memory space.

SAP distinguishes between central instances and dialog instances. Every SAP system has just one central host, which contains all basic services such as the message server, gateway, update, enqueue, dialog, spool, and background right from installation. Dialog instances, as defined, only contain a set of basic services such as dialog and background work processes from the time of installation. Administrators can later customize all the services and their server locations by using SAP instance profiles. A central system can be further configured to a distributed system, creating additional instances offering additional services. The usual way of configuring the system right out of the box is to have just one instance per computer; however, providing your systems have enough main memory and processing power, you can install additional instances, which have some advantages.

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