SAP Procedures Guide SAP BASIS

The goal of a procedures guide, also known as operating procedures, is to define the rules of the game when working and operating the SAP systems. It should include clear norms, answering questions such as what, when, why, and who. This manual should identify roles and responsibilities in the implementation and operation of the systems, It should not be confused with an administration and operation manual, which goes into more specific details about the system architecture operation and administration, providing clear "how to" steps to daily operation.

The rules in the procedures guide might range from a clear definition of the SAP system implementation goal to who is allowed to enter the computer room (data processing center). The following list provides an approach to the contents that can be included in a procedures guide:

  • Introduction to the procedures guide
    • Goal of the implementation and operation of the system
    • Project scope
    • Team roles and organization
    • Systems and application architecture description
    • System landscape definition
    • Business applications definition
  • User management procedures
    • Authorization and profile security measures
    • Management of users leaving the company
  • Functional implementation procedures
    • Enhancements and change requests management
    • Developing methodology
    • Guide for implementing new modules
    • Functional test procedures
  • Technical implementation procedures
    • System administration and operation rules
    • Backup strategy
    • Front-end installation and distribution strategy
    • Printing strategy
    • Networking procedures
    • Systems fail-over procedures
    • Periodical (daily, weekly, monthly, etc.) operation tasks
    • Rules for implementation of new technical projects
    • Technical test procedures
  • Cross-functional application procedures
    • Change management and transport system rules
    • Use of Business Workplace and business workflow
  • Upgrade strategy
    • Hardware upgrade procedures
    • Software upgrade procedures
    • SAP system upgrade procedures
  • User support management and organization
    • Support guidelines
    • Help desk organization
    • Keeping records of problems and incidences
    • Escalation of problems
  • Personnel issues
    • Training procedures
    • People backup and holidays permissions
  • Contingency procedures
    • System crash procedures
    • Emergency situations guidelines
    • Disaster recovery plan or procedures
  • Security issues
    • Remote connection procedures
    • Access to SAP net
    • Web access
    • Access to the computer room
  • Procedure for making changes to this guide

You can extend or compress the contents of this list as the scope of your installation requires. You can, for example, add some of the guidelines available in ASAP or SAP Solution Manager Roadmaps, or you can also include the meetings and approval procedures.

Now, to answer the question, who is in charge of preparing such a document? it should be a collective work of the project team with the consent and approval of the company managers. Also, many of the consulting and partner companies may offer the service of preparing this kind of document.

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