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The SAP NetWeaver Application Platform is completely based on the SAP Web Application Server. The majority of SAP NetWeaver components and application modules are based on the SAP Web Application Server, typically known as SAP Web AS, as introduced in the previous chapter. Here we just summarize the main features of the SAP Web AS. Figure shows the SAP Web Application Server architecture. The second and most important difference now is that the SAP Web Application Server can both run either the traditional ABAP engine or the Java engine (J2EE) so that the SAP Web AS supports the development and operation of J2EE and ABAP-based applications and Web services.

From the SAP Application Server to the SAP Web AS

From the SAP Application Server to the SAP Web AS

The Web AS is divided into three layers:

  • The presentation layer enables communication with clients, such as the SAP GUI or the Web browsers.
  • The business logic level defines business rules and processes.
  • External connections are made via the integration layer.

The Java engine, Enterprise Edition (J2EE) is the basis for Java support via the SAP Web AS. For example, J2EE is one option for implementing Web services, Web front ends, or mobile clients. Mobile clients access the Web Dynpro application, which is built using the Web Dynpro development and runtime environment. J2EE also allows the rapid and simple integration of clients via standards such as Web services. Within any J2EE environment, a central role is played by the adapter engine. The engine generates the XML files required for data transfer and exchange. With the release of the SAP Web Application Server 6.40, the following new and enhanced components were introduced:


  • Web services framework
  • New ABAP debugger and memory inspector
  • Shared objects
  • Assertions and breakpoints
  • Simple XSLT transformations
  • Web Dynpro development for ABAP


  • Advanced Web Dynpro development tools for Java: Data Modeler, Dictionary Import, support for data types such as currency and conversion routines
  • Integration of Adobe Document Services for Interactive PDF Forms in Web Dynpro
  • Component-based development for J2EE and Web Dynpro
  • Java Development Infrastructure that covers the whole life cycle of application development and offers a server side environment consisting of a design time repository (DTR), component build service (CBS), and change management service (CMS)

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