Overview of the R3trans Program - SAP BASIS

R3trans is the SAP system transport program that can be used for transporting data between different SAP systems, even when they don't belong to the same group. For example, it can be used to transport change requests created at SAP that are bug corrections to current programs or new developments. R3trans normally is not used directly but called from the tp control program or by the SAP upgrade utilities. R3trans is only directly used in certain circumstances, such as for exporting or importing data to or from other SAP systems and also for performing special functions such as SAP logical backups or for managing imports or exports with data from other SAP versions. This, however, can be done only when you are sure that no logical inconsistencies will occur in the transported data.

R3trans supports transporting data between different operating systems or even different database systems. The syntax for calling the R3trans program is R3trans [<options>] <control file>. Options are parameters that indicate what function the program will execute. You can use several options at the same time. At least one option must be specified. The control file further specifies the actions that the R3trans will perform. This is a normal text file with special commands. R3trans must be called by the SAP system administrator, <sid>adm.

Some of the useful options available are as follows:

  • R3trans -d, which checks whether it's possible to connect to the database.
  • R3trans -i <file>, which imports directly the data from the <file> without the need for a control file.
  • R3trans -t <control_file>, which performs the functions on test mode.

Modifications are not written in the database.

  • R3trans -w <file>, which writes the transport log to the specified file. If none is specified, the default is trans.log in the current directory. Information on additional options and how to write control files can be found in SAP online documentation.

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