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SAP GUI interface and SAP applications provide an extensive help system, with a large amount of information, documentation, and good contextual help links. Use F1 for help on fields, menus, functions, and messages. The F1 help also provides a link to the technical information on the relevant field. This includes, for example, the parameter ID, which you can use to assign values to the field for your user, as we explained in the previous section.
SAP applications includes many possibilities to get online help for almost every element of the system. Users can get help with entire applications, for specific functions, for glossary terms, fields, reports, messages, and so on.
One of the standard menus in every SAP window is the Help menu, from which users have several options to obtain help.

Finally, users can obtain help when entering data in fields. The system often displays many fields either with possible entries lists or with search helps associated with them.The Help menu. Options included in the menu are as follows:

  • Application Help. Links with detailed instructions for the tasks, normally calling the online documentation.
  • SAP Library. Links with the initial screen for the online documentation library.
  • Glossary. Contains definitions of common SAP terms related to the current task.
  • Release Notes. Includes the release notes for the latest SAP versions.
  • SAP Service Marketplace. Allows access to the SAP Service Marketplace directly from the SAP GUT.
  • Create Support Message. Can be used to create internal support messages.
  • Settings. For deciding whether to display help in a classical modal R/3 window or use an external help viewer.

Help menu options

Help menu options

The online documentation can be always be looked up to see the available help for a specific SAP application or the Technology system (whether Basis or the Web Application Server). The online documentation is provided in a CD-ROM that comes bundled with the SAP kit and must be installed by the administrator either directly in a CD-ROM drive or can be copied to a LAN server so all users can access it. The Application Help option is meant to display step-by-step instructions for the task or application you are currently working on. If, when selecting Help | Application Help, there is no extended help available, you get the initial SAP Library screen. The option SAP Library from the Help menu links directly with the online documentation and is presented in HTML or compressed CHM format depending on how the online help was installed and the front end used. From the main menu you can proceed by choosing any application, topic, or area of your interest and then navigate the documentation with the windows hypertext utilities.

With the Help | Glossary function, users can look up the meaning of terms related to the current task they are working on. When the meaning of a word or term used by SAP in some application is not clear, choosing the Glossary option from the Help menu shows a dialog box with related terms. If it is a long list, use the scroll bars to find the needed term. To display the definition for the term, double-click on it. The SAP system provides help on most fields, input fields, or messages that appear in the SAP screen. Not all fields have related help available. To get help on a particular field, position the cursor over it and press the Help button or F1. You get a Help screen in which some terms in the Help field might appear highlighted. This means those terms are defined in the online glossary.

Double-clicking on those highlighted terms shows their definitions. Another way in which the SAP system provides help is when system or error messages are displayed in the status bar. Double-clicking on the status bar shows additional information about the message. Sometimes the additional help on the message includes a hypertext link that can take you directly to a transaction to solve the problem. Another way to get help about the message in the status bar is by positioning the cursor over the message and pressing F1.

When specifying or executing a report, from the execution screen you can get additional information on the report by choosing Help | Extended Help. The Help option to display the SAP Solution Release Notes can be very useful when upgrading the system or when you want to see what has changed or what is new in the current release compared to previous releases. The Help | Release Notes option allows you to search notes by full text or attributes. Or you can see all the notes by clicking on the mySAP Release Notes: Entire List button. Release notes can be very long, depending on the particular version. To search for release notes, the SAP system permits users to specify search criteria or attributes. Attributes are the types of information contained in the release notes—for example, whether it is a correction or a new function, what version it is, if it has an effect on interfaces or batch input, and so forth.

Finally, when you have error or doubts and would like to try to find a solution yourself, before entering a note with SAP Service, you can access the SAP Service Marketplace directly from a SAP GUI by selecting Help | SAP Service Marketplace. You need to have a valid OSS username and password in order to be able to log on to the SAP Service Marketplace and use the available options.

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