Additional User Utilities SAP BASIS

The SAP system menu includes some more additional utilities that users can find helpful and that they might need from time to time, for example, sending messages to other users, downloading/uploading lists or documents to/from PC files from/to the SAP system, checking problems with authorization objects, performing debugging, showing table contents, recording transactions, and several more. The following two sections explain briefly two of these options. For more information about other services and utilities within the System menu, please refer to the SAP online documentation.

Sending Short Messages

To send a short message to another SAP user on the same system, select System | Short Message from any screen. Just write the message in the Note area of the screen and specify the recipient name in the input fields below. When you are done, just click on the Send button to deliver your message. This is a fast way to call the basic Business Workplace function for sending messages between SAP users. For more extensive information about the functions of Business Workplace, please refer to the SAP online documentation.

Sending a short message

Sending a short message

Downloading Files to Your Desktop Workstation

Every list generated in the system as well as most screens that generate a print screen can be downloaded to PC files for further treatment or for other analysis or documentation purposes. Similarly, you can upload files from the PC, for example, ABAP source code. While in the ABAP editor, you can find the upload and download functions under the Utilities menu. When the screen displays a printable list, you can decide to save it to a local file. To do so, from any SAP screen, select System | List | Save | Local File. The system will display a dialog box with four options from which you can choose your output format. Select the one that best suits your needs and press the Continue button.

The system will display another dialog box (Save as) requesting the path and name of the file in your local PC. It normally shows the work directory path where the SAP GUI is installed. Enter the filename and press the OK button. The list will be transferred to your local PC.

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