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What is SAP APO Supply and Demand Matching?

Supply and Demand Matching has two functions which are main function Capable-To-Match (CTM) and extra function for distributing stocks. In APO, cross plant supply strategy is provided by SDM component −

  • Production Planning and Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS)
  • Supply Network Planning (SNP)

Capable-To-Match (CTM) Function

This function is for performing finite planning of demands in the process of supply chain. For SNP and PP/DS data types this is used. It has interest in planning from mid to long-term.

Below are the settings for APO customization as it doesn’t consists of any detailed scheduling strategies.

Go to Advanced Planning and Optimization → then to Basis Settings → then to Optimization → then to Basic Functions → and to Maintain Master data for optimization server.

Under CTM, below functions are done −

  • Other resource location can be evaluated for fulfilling the demands of a specific product whenever the demand is not fulfilled by that resource.
  • Demand Prioritization: Demands are prioritized as per our wish.
  • For CTM planning, consistency run can be executed for the master data check.
  • It is used to select the master data and selecting the order.
  • Supply control is performed using CTM. It also helps in avoiding the supply of products which are oversized.

CTM Planning Execution

The CTM planning is operated either way i.e., directly or in background. Below depicts the CTM planning execution −

Option 1 − Start CTM Planning directly in front.

In order to operate CTM planning, using CTM profile directly, go to SAP Easy Access → then to Advanced Planning and Optimization → and to Multilevel Supply and Demand Planning → then Planning → Finally Capable-to-Match (CTM) Planning.


Now, CTM profile should be selected. Once done, click the Start planning option and CTM planning will run directly.


One can check the status in the status tab. For error cases, it turns into red.

Option 2 − Run CTM Planning in the background.

CTM planning can also be performed in the background. Go to SAP Easy Access → then to Advanced Planning and Optimization → and to Multilevel Supply and Demand Planning → then Planning → finally CTM Planning in the Background.


Click the CTM profile and then on Execute.

Analysis of CTM Planning Results

The CTM planning run results can be analyzed. But before that make sure the technical requirement of planning run is completed successfully.

Evaluations and Log Files

For identifying for any CTM message existing or not, you can navigate to Evaluation tab. Below are list of icons that shows CTM Planning run status.

  • This shows CTM Planning run completed successfully.
  • This shows at least 1 warning message exists during CTM run.
  • This shows an error message during CTM Planning run.

By going to Result Analysis tab at the top, the error details and status of all runs are checked.


Below screenshots show us to download the log files and view the log message details.


For viewing outbound queues and the destination details for CTM Planning run QRFC monitor can be called.


Give the queue name and its description. Then press the Execute button.


Note – When a queue of a specific profile is not idle, we cannot perform a planning run for same profile.

Alert Monitor in CTM Planning Run

For showing the alerts which come while CTM Planning is running go to Evaluations button in CTM Planning run.

Click the Alert Monitor in CTM Result Analysis screen.


Any kind of alerts can be seen which are raised during CTM Planning Run.


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