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What is SAP APO Processing Customer Requirement?

This is important component in the process of Supply Chain. There are many activities done in this like checking product availability, product manufacturing, sending the requirement information to logistics, collecting customer feedback and etc. The customer requirements are controlled by using above activities.

Technical Name of the component − CustomerRequirementProcessing

This is the outcome of a quotation request or sales order or purchase requisition. Details such as product quantity and the product requirement are furnished in this component.

Technical Name of the component − CustomerRequirement

Below information is provided by the Customer Requirement Component −

  • Quantity of the products ordered
  • Available quantities of the product

Manage Customer Requirement in Component

A customer need is created or cancelled using this component. The direction of this component is Inbound.

Query Customer Requirement in Component

This is specific to inbound directional component and for selecting the customer requirement.

Entity Type Service Interface
Category A2X
Direction Inbound

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