What is SAP APO PP/DS?

In SAP APO, for generating procurement proposals for meeting the production requires Production Planning/Detailed Scheduling (PP/DS) is used. To define order details and resource plan this component is used. By giving lead time to critical products, the delivery performance is improved.

Below can be achieved by using PP/DS −
  • The delivery performance of the critical products is improved.
  • Reduce lead times.
  • Coordination between procurement process and resources is improved.
  • Stock cost is reduced.

Other components of SAP APO can be integrated with PP/DS. Like for demand plan creation, integrating with demand planning.

The OLAP system data which are transaction and master data is moved to APO. After order processing planning, then results are moved to APO system.

Integration of PP/DS with SAP APO applications

Here we will discuss more about integrating PP/DS with SAP APO applications.

Integration with Demand Planning

The demand planning definition goes by the meeting of the demand for certain products which are critical that comes under upon various elements. The demand plan is resulted from this planning. For raising procurement proposals for both internal and external process, demand plan is moved to PP/DS.

The demand planning is performed using demand plan for users, and then the results are moved from DP to PP/DS to cover PIR by procurement proposals creation.

Following is the Process Flow −

  • Step 1 – Firstly, the demand plan to SNP should be started. It can be as online or mass processing.
  • Step 2 − Release period same on Supply Network Planning horizon and PP/DS horizon should be considered.
  • Step 3 – The demand plan to SNP results from copying requirements to target planning version that will triggers an event in PP/DS for products.
  • Step 4 – Based on the Planning Procedure the action takes place.
  • Step 5 − PP/DS Planning Execution.

Integration with SNP

The product availability is ensured by SNP by making the decision properly w.r.t. time and place. The product quantities are defined by SNP for its procurement, production and transportation. The planning order sequences or products are defined by lot sizes by PP/DS.

The integration is done for both the methods and different task distribution will have diff planning.

Supply Network Planning and PP/DS Planning Tasks

The two plans SNP and PP/DS are integrated at different phases of cycle - medium-term objectives uses SNP and PP/DS uses short-term planning. Similarity between them is the horizon which is same and the planning area doesn't overlap.

Benefit of using same planning version is that the SNP orders can be converted into PP/DS orders.

PP/DS Alert Monitoring

The alerts raised in PP/DS planning can be monitored using the Alert monitor. For that, we have to create a alert profile applicatble to your planning. In PP/DS, multiple alert types are created.

Alerts Related to Relationship between Orders or Operations

  • Dynamic pegging with date/time alerts
  • Fixed pegging alerts
  • Quantity alerts for pegging
  • Shelf life

In the product master this option is checked. Go to SAP Easy Access – then to Advanced Planning and Optimization – and to Master Data − Product.

During planning this will differentiate the original shelf life of receipt with shelf life planning.



The pegging relationships are created whenever the shelf life requirements are met with.

  • Relationship between Operations

Alerts Related to Procurement Planning

Various PP/DS alerts can be raised whenever procurement planning heuristic is run. Below are list of common alert types −

Procurement Planning Exceptions

While defining customization setting, PP/DS alerts related to procurement planning are generated. Go to Application logs for PP/DS, and create and manage exception groups.

For checking exception message, context menu is used for alert purpose. And various alert classes have their messages.

Example – Various classes can be part of an alert which exhibit various status messages.

  • Class 1 − Termination Messages
  • Class 2 − Error Messages
  • Class 3 − Warning Messages
  • Class 4 − Success Messages

Order Related PP/DS Alerts

Below are list of PP/DS alerts raised −

  • status deallocated orders
  • orders with date time in the past
  • Quantity falls short/exceeds desired quantity
  • validity period expired orders

PP/DS Alerts Related to Resources

We also have alerts w.r.t resources in planning.

  • Alerts for utilization of resources beyond/above threshold value
  • Capacity overload for bucket resource
  • Alerts for single/multi-activity resource leading to overloading.
  • container resources planning alerts.

PP/DS Alert for Campaigns

Referring to campaign planning, below PP/DS alerts can be raised. Below alerts are issued when planning with production campaign is executed

  • campaign cleanout order alerts
  • interrupted campaign alerts.

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