SAP APO Administration - SAP APO

What is SAP APO - Administration?

Administration is key in any technology and in SAP APO, below are the admin activities that are done as part of administration −

  • SAP LiveCache Administration
  • Integration Options
  • Monitoring
  • Optimization
  • Consistency Check


SAP APO Performance Monitor

The behavior of the planning run can be monitored in Performance Monitor. This helps in analyzing the APO applications in detail like Supply Network Planning (SNP), Planning Service Manager, Global Available-To Promise (ATP), Demand Planning and PP/DS and more.

Performance Monitoring is done from going to SAP Easy Access → then to Advanced Planning and Optimization → and APO Administration → APO Performance Monitor.


Next is the navigation tree where the corresponding application is selected of our choice. You have the list of applications, Demand Planning → Statistics Mass Processing.


The system gathers the information and gives us on the screen by double-clicking any of the options. For improving the performance, we have the option to customize the settings.


In same fashion, the data can be accessed and analyzed with different applications − Supply Network Planning → SNP Heuristic Statistics.


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