Unplanned Delivery Costs (Freight) - SAP Accounts Payable for Beginers

Usually vendors will add freight or a handling fee when shipping goods. If the amount is known at the time of the purchase order, it is best to include it on the PO.

Sometimes, the amount of freight is not known until the invoice arrives. If this is the case, do NOT include it on the PO. There is an area on the MIRO to include unplanned delivery costs.


On the Details tab of the MIRO, there is a field called “Unpl. Del. Csts”. You can enter the amount of freight listed on the invoice. SAP will add this amount to the total of the PO. This should then equal the amount of the invoice. This will not post to the Freight Clearing account(201012), but directly to the Expense accounts and cost centers on the PO (proportioned out).

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